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Questions & Answers

1. What can I do on
You can mark on a map of Ireland where you saw a plant or an animal.

2. Do I type in the plant/animal name myself?
No, you select it from a list.

3. What if the name is not in the list?
You can request the Team to put in on for you.

4. Where are the maps?
Follow the links of a project you are interested in and you will arrive at a map?

5. Do I need to register to use the maps?
Yes, you need to register to put a sighting of a plant or animal onto a map, but you can View any map with registering.

6. Will my email address be used to spam me?
No, your email address will not be passed on to anyone else. You may opt to have a Newsletter sent to you four or five times a year.

7. What will happen the data I put on to a map?
The data will be available for all other users of the site to view. Data may be passed on to the Biological Records Centre where a record of all Irish species is kept.

8. What is a project?
A project on is a survey of our flora and fauna using maps and questionnaires.

9. Can I set up my own project?
Yes, you can apply to to run a project for you. There is a cost involved in doing this.

10. Does my project have to be viewed by the general public?
No, the project (maps and data) can be your own and kept private to you, although we would encourage you to allow others to see it.

11. I use an Apple Mac and the maps do not display correctly in my browser. Sometimes they display but I cannot see all the menu items.
This is usually solved by updating or changing your browser, particularly on older Apple Macs. The site functions best in the following browsers at he time of writing (June 2007): Firefox, Safari 2.04, Omniweb 5.5.4, Opera 9.21, Camino 1.5 (part of the mozilla project)