2019 - Wildflowers of Ireland

2018- Wildflowers of Ireland \r\nMany Irish wildflowers only apper in flower for a short period of time so it is important to get out and about from early Spring to late autumn.\r\nAs with all aspects of species identification, it is important to develop the skill of looking carefully.\r\nParadoxically, cameras can stop you for looking correctly for identification features.\r\n\r\nThere are many excellent books on wildflower identification available, some photographic based, other use illustrations (usually watercolours) and some are driven totally on the use of a key. Beginners probably need to have both a photographic and illustration guide.\r\nThere are also many Facebook pages dedicated to wildflower identification. To develop your skills using these Facebook resources it is important to try and identify the plant yourself first and then to ask for help, rather than just upload a photo and ask for its identification.\r\nAnd don\'t forget to plot your sighting on this web site (Biology.ie) or at the NDBC web site.\r\n\r\nHow to improve your Irish wildflower identification\r\n(1) Use a magnifying-glass - 10x is an good magnification - and view as much detail as you can\r\n(2) Take several photos from different angles as these can be useful later when reading up about the plant\r\n(3) Keep in mind that the scent of some plants can be a help to identification. \r\n(4) A small ruler is also very useful to photograph alongside the flower as it\'s sometimes hard to remember the size afterward. \r\n(5) Always bring your wildflower guide-book to the plant and not the other way around.\r\n\r\n***Remember you can use My sightings (large green button above or tab at the top of the page) to keep track of your own sightings.***\r\n\r\nGood luck developing your identification skills.\r\n