2020 - Lizard Survey

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IWT Lizard Survey

IWT Lizard Survey

Ireland’s Reptiles
Many people are unaware that Ireland has a lizard in the landscape. It is native to Ireland and is one of Ireland's two reptiles, the other being the Slow-worm Anguis fragilis. The Common Lizard is widespread in distribution, but the Slow-worm is confined to Co. Clare. The slow worm is a legless lizard, found in parts of the Burren, Co. Clare. Unlike the common lizard, the slow worm is almost certainly a recent introduction to Ireland and is, therefore, not considered to be native to Ireland.
How do you know it’s a lizard?
The common Lizard is described as having a grey brown to dark brown dorsal surface. Often it has a darker streak that may run the entire length of the spine. There is a dark border broken by light yellow and white spots seen on either side of the body.
Undersides of the male are yellow to orange spotted with black and females are yellowish grey.