2019 - All Ireland Ladybird Survey - run by Gill Weyman UCC

All Ireland Ladybird Survey

Download ID sheets here:
Harlequin sheet as the last survey, Re native ladybird id sheet
Key from Habitas (exc. Kidney spot, Pine, Harlequin.

1./ DOWNLOAD 1-Native Ladybird Identification Sheet

2./ DOWNLOAD 2-Harlequin Ladybird Identification Sheet and

Below is the link to an online identification key. Note: it excludes the the Kidney spot, Pine ladybird and Harlequin ladybird.

3./ Link to online key

1. Please submit ladybird records.
2. If you are in your garden, going for a walk or at work and you see a ladybird:
>>>> Leave it on the plant/place that you found it.
>>>> Take a photo.
>>>> Make a note of where it is, date, time, description.
>>>> Go to the biology.ie (this web page, see SUBMIT YOUR SIGHTING green button above) webpage and record your sightings.

Photographs are very important as they help to verify records.

3. Contact: ladybird@fotawildlife.ie for further information.