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2018 - Coastwatch

Habitat: Coastland

Listen to the sounds:

All coastland is exposed to the salt sea air. This plays a large part in determining the plants and animals that live there.

Coastlands include rocky sea cliffs (Cliffs of Moher), sandy seashores, tidal rivers (Shannon), salt marshes (Bull Island), sand dunes (Donegal), machair (Connemara), sea walls and jetties, lagoons and saline lakes (Cuskinny marsh).

The habitat plays host to a great biodiversity of unique plants and animals. Sea birds regularly nest on the cliffs. Migratory birds feed on the mudflats. Plants that have the ability to withstand the high concentrations of salt in both the air and soil populate any available space. Invertebrates that also have the ability to tolerate the salty conditions are happy to live there.

Some of our coastlands are threatened by pollution carried down by the rivers, excessive building and the release of untreated sewerage. The birds you hear in the sound file here feed on the invertebrates on the shore.