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Data Protection


EU legislation on Data Protection as implemented on, May, 2018...... and its associated web sites (see tabs on the Home page) collect data on the distribution of species in Ireland.
Please note the following data protection policy is in force:

1/ The only personal data that is collected is your email address (required) and name (optional).
2/ All data collected is held on a secure server.
3/ We never provide your personal data to a third party for marketing or advertising.
4/ The species data you provide will be used to create distribution maps of species in Ireland or for research by individual scientists (usually M.Sc or Ph. D. students) or groups (schools. for example).
Your personal data never accompanies the species data.
5/ may use Cookies to provide you with a better user experience. You can of course block these Cookies using your browser.
6/ IP address ? is collected automatically by web servers and is not used for anything other than normal day to day operations such as checking for system errors etc.
7/ will only contact you via email in rare situations such as for further information on an unusual or rare species sighting that you have input on the web site.

If you have submitted data to and wish to have it removed then please email us.
If you do not wish to use Cookies you may switch them off in your browser, however, be aware that the Cookies are there to make your experience of using better.

May 2018.